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Sherri Plummer - Parrot Tracks

Parrot Tracks customers benefit from our combined Exotic Bird experience of over 50 years - including breeding, hand-rearing, keeping, veterinary assistance, and training.  

We strive to advance the ethical enjoyment of companion bird ownership through education, products and services that support the best physical & mental health for parrots.  Our vision is to set a new standard of excellence in the pet & exotic bird industry through our approach and practices that make us the innovative leaders in our mission. 

We are turning our life-long passion and experience into what we do.  

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Healthy, Happy Birds!

A focus on the physical & mental health of our birds

Who are we?
 Parrot Tracks is family owned and operated Exotic Bird Store 

What do we provide?  
We specialize in selling exotic birds, cages, food, treats, toys, and health supplies
Different than other bird supply stores, we provide the additional benefits of on-site breeding, hand-raising, bird boarding, DNA & disease testing, avian grooming in-store or at your home/business, bird & aviary delivery with home/business set up, and education for responsible bird ownership

When did we open?
Parrot Tracks will be opened for business on August 1st, 2016
Our Hours:  11am to 7pm
We are Closed:  Sunday & Wednesday

Where are we?
We are located at 410 E Main St, Chesterfield IN 

Why did we open the store?
As Sherri would say, "It's all about the birds!"  

We strive to advance the ethical enjoyment of companion bird ownership through education, products, and services that promote the best physical & mental health for parrots 

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It's all about the birds!

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